The certifications of FVL
FSC® is an international certification, specific for the forestry branch and its products, both woody and non. It guarantees FSC® certified material and the products which come from the supply chain, from the forest to the store.
ISO 9001:2015
For all of us, FVL quality is everything, and we want to affirm it clearly. The International Organization for Standardization has assigned us the ISO 9001, an important certification determining the standards for the realization of a quality managing system, that includes every single process of the company. An acronym that represents us and an additional guarantee for our customers.
ISO 14001:2015
FVL is green and greener, even with the ISO 14001 certification that defines the standards of an effective environmental management system. FVL will manage and limit its environmental impact, committed to improve in a sustainable and effective way. Because FVL’s quality and attention to the details also come from a strong bond and sense of responsibility to our territory.
Global Organic Textile Standard or GOTS is recognized as the most important standard for sustainable production of textile products made of natural fibres from organic farming. This certification guarantee that organic textile products are made in compliance with environmental and social criteria applied at all levels of the production; from the harvesting of natural fibres to the subsequent manufacturing phases, up to labelling of the finished product.
Our company believes in the power of environmental sustainability, for this reason it is part of the BCI global scale system. This program aims to increase in the market the number of yarns that follow all the environmental, social and economic sustainability criterias.
FVL promotes a model of production and sustainable consumption in the textile industry, through the use of recycled material. Global Recycled standard allows to certify the company's respect to chemical, environmental, social and ethical practices during its production chain.
The Higg Index is a system in the apparel industry with which brands, retailers, structures report the sustainability of a company or product. This process offers an overview that allows companies to make significant improvements.