Research and innovation for real sustainability.

Sustainability cannot exist without innovation and there is no innovation without research. We are convinced of this

Sustainability is not a fad or a fleeting trend. It is not a choice, it is not a tree planted somewhere or a declaration inserted in the new company profile. It must be a daily attitude shared by the whole company; this is how it becomes effective and concrete and common goals can be reached. In this process, clients and suppliers are in it together because container and content tell the same story called “brand”.

Guaranteed monitoring in the name of sustainable quality.

Our presence on the territory allows us to select our partners personally without mediation, thus always guaranteeing the quality standards we certify. The result is a closely-woven network of certified collaborators, starting with the procurement of raw materials.
Our clients can visit our plants and verify our processes in person.

SUPPLIERS: strict sustainability standards and ethical-social protocols

MRSL: continuous monitoring of the production processes

PRSL: continuous monitoring of products

TRANSPARENCY AND TRACEABILITY: our univocal traceability system makes the flow of information fast and efficient. The main idea is the realisation of a clear and sustainable environmental policy without involving third parties. The result is lowered costs and the availability of more resources for social-environmental investments.


The FSC® certification is an international, independent certification issued by third parties. It is specific for the forestry sector and the wood and non-wood products derived from forests. It guarantees FSC® certified material and the products that derive from the entire supply chain, from the forest to the store.

In FVL, quality is everything and we are proud to communicate it clearly. Issued by the International Organization for Standardization, ISO 9001 is a certification which sets out the requirements for a quality management system for all company procedures. An acronym which reflects our ideas, a guarantee for all our clients.

FVL is always greener, even through ISO 14001 which defines the standards for Environmental Management Systems. With this certification FVL commits to keeping its impact on the environment under control by researching how to improve it in efficiency and sustainability. FVL’s quality and attention to detail also stems from our sense of belonging and responsibility towards our territory.

Global Organic Textile Standard, better known as GOTS, is recognised as the most important standard for the sustainable production of textile products made with natural fibres from organic farms. This certification guarantees that textile products are obtained respecting environmental and social criteria applied to all levels of production; from the harvesting of the natural fibres to the manufacturing stages, all the way to the labelling of the finished product.

Our company strongly believes in environmental sustainability and, for this reason, we are members of BCI, a programme with the goal of increasing the number of fibres on the market that follow all the criteria regarding environmental, social and economic sustainability.

FVL promotes a sustainable production and consumption model within the textile sector through the use of recycled material. The Global Recycled Standards confirms the company’s respect of chemical, environmental, social and ethical practices throughout the production process.

The Higg Index is an apparel industry standard through which brands, retailers and manufacturers can certify a company’s or a product’s sustainability, thus offering an overview that allows companies to make important improvements with regards to their workers and the environment.